Welcome to Tarot Tours Garranah

Tarot Tours Garranah was founded in 1979. Ever since then, we have been working to the strictest professional standards to maintain a high level of business operation with outstanding customer service. Due to our efforts, the group has become one of the biggest and most reputable companies in Egypt.

The Garranah Group activities are divided into the following: Tarot Tours Garranah Tour Operator, Mirotel for Floating Hotels, Azur Hotels and Resorts, Azur for floating Hotels (owning company of Oberoi Zahra) and  Tarot Tours Garranah for Transportation. In recent years the business of tour operators has become more competitive. With increasing globalization, operators can now coordinate tours all over the world from a single headquarter, or cooperate with some of the world's leading resort companies to give customers an even higher quality of services.

For this reason Tarot Tours and the Garranah family have joined forces with Orascom Hotels & Development (OHD), a global development of leisure towns and one of the largest resort operators in Egypt and beyond. This cooperation gives Tarot Tours the opportunity to enhance its position and services and in return provide international tour operators and guests with a far wider selection of accommodations and services to help make their tourism experience more personal.